My Goal

Sasha was cowering beneath a Stop sign in Brown County on a stormy night last March. The young man that found her posted her photo on Facebook. I was looking for a dog at the time and when I saw her, it was done. She arrived the next morning, scared and scarred from her experience. She is now a full grown girl and has bonded very well. Sasha really has only one behavior that I dislike and that is that she is too friendly at times. With a little maturity, I think she will be as perfect dog as she has already become a perfect friend. She never dances with my date or trumps my ace lead!

My name is Kedrin Deetz. I am a proud owner of a beautiful Labrador Retriever named "Sasha"; my best friend and full time companion. She was rescued as a stray and has been a part of my life since approximately ten weeks of age.

Upon moving to the Greenwood Forest area of Houston, TX, I immediately realized I am not the only pet lover in this area. Many here are involved in pet rescue and fostering projects such as

It is through conversations with active members of other rescue foundations that I realized there could be one proactive measure taken that could dramatically reduce the number of pets being separated from their homes. Many pets in shelters are there unnecessarily because the owner could not be found through the labrynth of information. the way the systems are set up is backwards. It requires the owner to actively search and relies on the slim chance the pet will be found on a site associated with its location.

My goal is to create a single source with technologies enabling the search of photographs of pets posted compared to one submitted by a finder of a stray. For now, I am providing this service as a test bed for my concept.

Owners who register their pets with this site are adding a layer of identification that has the potential to have their pet home safe and sound without the need for any further measures. If you encounter any problems registring your pets, you may contact me here or by clicking my highlighted name at the top of this page.

We hear every day of the overpopulation of stray animals in Houston. Through time, I hope to make this site the first place to go for every one who finds an animal roaming to attempt to locate the owner.

If you are a member of an animal rescue or fostering program, please leave some details in my Paw Prints guest registry and I will feature your business or site in a prominant place on my page.

Remember this is a free registration and I will not intentionally distribute any of your personal information. As awareness of the site grows, there are plans to add fund raising capabilities for rescue and fostering foundations around the greater Houston Area as well.

Please keep your pets safe Houston. And remember to help control the pet population by having your beloved animal spayed or neutered.

How can you participate?

It is easy and only takes a moment to select the area you wish to register your pet by viewing the menu above.

Upload a recent image of your pet and include any information you wish that you feel will help to identify your pet and make it easier to facilitate the prompt return to your home.

I hope everyone that visits chooses to list their pet. I am currently expanding the site to cover all of Greater Houston as well as the State of Texas.

Even if you choose not to list, please sign my  Paw Prints guestbook and include any opinions you may have about my site.

Pampurrred Pets Hand Crafted Pet Foods and Treats

We love your pets as our own!

For a while, I had made treats, food, and other items for our pets. Why? Because I felt that current options weren't healthy for our pets, I didn't know the ingredients in the available options, or the healthier items were so darn expensive!

Since I had successful items for our two cats and pup, I wanted to share these items with everyone who loves their pets.

We offer free delivery within Champion Forest. There is a coupon code on the Etsy site for local delivery as well. Just enter LOCALHOU in the box on the order form.